50th Post

…i still see the clevers!fullsizerender-31


restroom traveller..

“..and you were concerned that there wouldn’t be any washrooms?

Yeah I need toilets Doc:-frequent pee-er,you see.

and that’s one of the reasons why you gave up on being a world traveller?


can you tell me an incident where you went out for a wonderful vacation and it was all ruined because you couldn’t find a toilet?

ahhh..amm..not exactly, as i try to retrieve the memory from the mind-box labeled “Srikona Vacations” all i can get back is the sunny brass colored old houses and some yellow trees..ahh..WAIT!!!!, there’s also a side note called “f-e-eling..p-e-ace…FEELING PEACEFUL”..huh!..but nothing else..

no mentions about full-bladders?

(amazed) No! wowhatt does that mean?

it means that we go for a vacation thinking that it will relax us instantly..that it will wash away the city-life and fill us with serenity..

it doesn’t?

it does!but Nature takes time to work..your vacation is filled with random mundane details, exhaustion and discomforts of travel and your brain works overtime to protect you from being dehydrated, lost, even taken advantage of by thugs…vacation never brings you instant peace..vacation needs to marinate a little.When you come back home from all those hassles of traveling, eating non home made food, military strict sleep and check out cycles and with those clear pictures and live videos of the place taken by your brain.. it pickles it for you..like a skilled editor takes off all the murky details of food, hangovers, shoes bites, over charging cabbies..and public toilets or lack there of…it takes them all off, and leaves behind a picture perfect, frame worthy “memory of your vacation”.. this pure concentrate of memory is what fuels you, relaxes you not just for a day but for years and years to come!

thank you Doc that helps a lot..ahh is there a restroom in here?”

******trickle ends *******fullsizerender-30


Ducking Ugly

“yesterday was too much for you, am I wrong?..No, that’s  alright.It’s a beautiful one.But..but (sighs)those mountains..What about them? They are these eye sores, they’re ducking ugly..

(repeats)’ducking ugly’…Hahahaha! you guys are ungrateful species! just count your blessings,mate.And be happy that you got the waterfall and stones right!..Yeah sure. (rolls eyes).