CE508D8F-0AE3-43DC-B620-4CD56B78DF53..and other three hobbits reach town of’s dark and raining outside.. but you feel relieved..

list of things that make me feel cocooned:

1) cotton clothes no itchy labels no tight strings or tight elastic bands but something that covers properly

2) socks that aren’t too tight..

3) belly full of home cooked food.. the simpler the carbs the better it is.. my favorite has to be  khichadi.. nothing spicy  or too garnished.

4) blanket.. a clean,soft fuzzy one. Added bonus if it’s been sundried and rolled up at daytime…so that when you open it at  night it still feels warm.. blanket convey the cocoon feeling the most.. so they are very important..I like to use the blanket that I use daily as it’s familiar.. it’s second closest to your skin

5) bed with a headboard and wall as its back support

6) natural rubber slippers

7) an empty bladder

8) a good playlist headphone

9) soft/firm pillow that can be sculpted by me to get desired height or turned upside down to expose a cooler side

10) clean cotton washed bedsheets..preferably sun detergent residue,fragrance free

11) Cool temperature.. a window left ajar that welcomes just the right amount of breeze.. closed if it’s rainy outside

12) cooking stove turned off, phone charged..

What Else? A good pen and a blank diary…choice of beverage.. light source not too bright but warm and sleep inducing.. everyone’s trying to reach the subconscious’ town of  Bree arent they?..


New Profession 

Still working on the name : aagyakari..

Aagyakari bano!

Aagyakari Banunga!(gi)

There should exist a profession where a young college passout applies for being an ideal son/daughter to  parents! The ’employee’ does everything the parents want from him/her! 

Roles and responsibilities includes,but certainly ain’t limited to:

1.getting up early for  a jogging (dad’s fav.)

2.knowing how to make Rotis , wearing good clothes that hides the knees and midriffs!to be able to sing in front of guests, to get up early in morning, to study late at night, to know all bhajans, to be able to recite Durga Saptashati from memory, to be able to take care of ” gaon ki zameen”! To be able to take care of ” khandanni business”!  To know how to wear a sari, how to say namastay with both hands close, to do a Pranam by actually touching feets not knees! Yoga- early morning! To be able to understand taxation and intricacies of savings, to be able to drive slowwwly! To protect oneself from UV rays and apply ‘ubtan’! To be ‘man’ enough to fight for rights at street & office and to be ‘woman’ enough to score a good husband..(Yes! It’s the same person!)to come home on time! To eat karela!! ( must for male employees) :to shower everyday! To play less video games to not spend time on laptop( something about eyes!) to go to gym, 

to be a step better than the neighbor’s child!…most importantly; to be better than their parents and show them what it’s like to be something they wanted but couldn’t become !

Little Hooman 1

Dorothy,If you don’t believe your struggles no one else will….live ‘inwardly’ 


Meaning, trying to convince others  is a ‘outward’ move. Being peace with yourself and not trying explaining yourself too much to others is living inwardly. By the way, what do you want from Simon? 

I want him to go away..

Three Balancer,not the real point!

“Its weird how the word ‘Balance’ unassumingly implies ‘two things/two participating ingredients’! I was trying to draw a Beam Balance that could ‘balance’ three ingredients instead of two.How would it look like??

Why was I trying to draw the Three Balancer?(Yeah i have made my mind to call it that, final) It all happened because I had to find a picture for this thought:-

an ideal career is a balance of three ingredients: boredom,anxiety and your capability to handle the shit’!

FullSizeRender 33

Fig : Three Balancer (I could have written it as A B C but B A C is just there to tickle OCD!

Note to self; Picture might worth 1000 words but at times coming up with the right picture could be a real pain in back..makes me wonder if all the K words have a corresponding picture…or this one- on – one relation is just a wishful thinking..”

Swing Kit for Matasya Kumari

” you know, i m not that creative especially with these household stuff..

no no Don’t worry at all, I have seen many of my friends do this, very simple, simple like anything

you mean nothing

yeah yeah simple it is.All instructions are there in wiki and youtube, you just assemble it this Sunday.But(hesitatingly) this for Matsy?

yes, its for her, why do you ask?

i mean, i like the color and all but i think she might not be ‘comfortable’ using it..

why do you say that?are you suggesting that she is different than anyone of us?

no no no!she is talented kid, just that after some age it is difficult to learn new skills..but Matsy beta can learn anything with her hardworking, right?”









Semicolon Bracket close.

“i want you to share your honest views..and criticisms.. and things that i can improve..”

more often than not, its a statement in  disguise..what it actually means is ://as a human i have been taught to be modest..I actually need you to support me unconditionally and like a kind parent ignore the mistakes, overlook the flaws and reaffirm me that what i made is good, that my creation reflects ingenuity, it has the shiny head of  my hard work and that it has a fair chance of surviving in the world that preys and ruthlessly digs its claws in a new born idea..I want you to reassure me that my creation will live..will see the sun and will smile and thrive…please say that to me//

“be as honest as you can”

//Don’t be honest, be hopeful instead//

“your stricture will help me improve”

//no it won’t.It will kill my passion and send me back to the the idea graveyard,i struggled so hard to get out from//

—So why don’t you say it?

coz i m… modest? coz i want you to guess it, read it between my lines, figure it out from my eyes..

—Okay..Here.Take this,next time you want me to be “critical” about your work..after the request just attach the ‘semicolon bracket close’..i will meet you in MothEr mode.Hugs.FullSizeRender 32