Three Balancer,not the real point!

“Its weird how the word ‘Balance’ unassumingly implies ‘two things/two participating ingredients’! I was trying to draw a Beam Balance that could ‘balance’ three ingredients instead of two.How would it look like??

Why was I trying to draw the Three Balancer?(Yeah i have made my mind to call it that, final) It all happened because I had to find a picture for this thought:-

an ideal career is a balance of three ingredients: boredom,anxiety and your capability to handle the shit’!

FullSizeRender 33

Fig : Three Balancer (I could have written it as A B C but B A C is just there to tickle OCD!

Note to self; Picture might worth 1000 words but at times coming up with the right picture could be a real pain in back..makes me wonder if all the K words have a corresponding picture…or this one- on – one relation is just a wishful thinking..”


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