Semicolon Bracket close.

“i want you to share your honest views..and criticisms.. and things that i can improve..”

more often than not, its a statement in  disguise..what it actually means is ://as a human i have been taught to be modest..I actually need you to support me unconditionally and like a kind parent ignore the mistakes, overlook the flaws and reaffirm me that what i made is good, that my creation reflects ingenuity, it has the shiny head of  my hard work and that it has a fair chance of surviving in the world that preys and ruthlessly digs its claws in a new born idea..I want you to reassure me that my creation will live..will see the sun and will smile and thrive…please say that to me//

“be as honest as you can”

//Don’t be honest, be hopeful instead//

“your stricture will help me improve”

//no it won’t.It will kill my passion and send me back to the the idea graveyard,i struggled so hard to get out from//

—So why don’t you say it?

coz i m… modest? coz i want you to guess it, read it between my lines, figure it out from my eyes..

—Okay..Here.Take this,next time you want me to be “critical” about your work..after the request just attach the ‘semicolon bracket close’..i will meet you in MothEr mode.Hugs.FullSizeRender 32






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