Human Alarm

“…Alarm for getting up every morning on time, reminder alarms for birthdays and anniversaries,even alarms for baking.My personal favorite(and yet to be invented) is the Human alarm (still working on the name)!They compare time for you.The past you and the present you. They (insert choice of onomatopoeia) and tell you about the pit falls,the mistakes you might play on repeat.Human Alarm warns, hugs and doesn’t  judges’s your new electro-mechanical friend..”

(Available in: mother-like,dream-lover, that-gay-fren,best-buddies faces)img_9134


One thought on “Human Alarm

  1. Hey Chinky, I read all your posts. What amusses me the most is the way u connect two different thoughts. Thoughts that otherwise are impossible for me to combine together but when they are in your posts, its like a perfect match…
    So can you share your sequence of thoughts… How do u connect the dots… May b by a flow chart after your deawing…
    Thanx 🙂

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