Dub low

“only you can feel what you feel inside”- a very apt saying.. goes well for both life and bra fitting!

Trying to explain the nuances of your life to somebody is a technical impossibility.No one can feel what you feel.No one would be able to process all the variables(internal-external) of your life that leads to the discomfort.

The itch,the strain, the rusted strap ring,the poking underwire, the synthetic padding..the conflict of breathable cotton vs the charm of flimsy lace ,the band that leaves a red trace..

fill the big one in first they say..everyone should know the lopsided story, you just pray.

something starts at its core, you start with two problems and a cloth too tight slivers it in four!

only consolation is that you might have also seen something like this on your own,try empathizing with me as the bridge sits too tight on the rib bone.I cannot show you the aggravating signs, can’t take you through each and every subtlety  a) you won’t have time and b)for you, talk will be just derisory!

it’s my weight to bear every morning i walk out with the ‘armor’ on.

but wouldn’t it be nice, just once in a while, when we free the shoulders..

talk expertise even if we are noobs?

grab a cupcake darling! and lets talk about B***s..”



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