Bed sheet for Ghost

“…said you made it?should’ve bought something instead…So, there are no perfect gifts right? No matter how its done or given.Of lately  humans were awful at accepting gifts. Gifts brought about their own true sentiments: sentiments of deep dissatisfaction, of being the victim, those towering unreal expectations.. how every thing was too cheap,too unusable, too out dated, too not-my-style,too small, too big to store in house, too hideous,too useless of a talent… all the character flaws goes berserk when shown a simple heartfelt gift! O positives  for Vampire…karaoke machine for Banshee..and white bed sheet for Ghost,With love.”

FullSizeRender 5.jpg


4 thoughts on “Bed sheet for Ghost

  1. Fascinating read!
    Your blog is sublime 👌
    New, fresh,one which will prosper to great heights.
    Let me know anytime if we can help anyhow. Cheers dear! – Cezane

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  2. Wow… theres a talent in you. Your first post and i am seeing myself as your first comment.
    I remember when i had my first comment. It felt epic.
    Here is to welcome you to the blogosphere, enjoy your time here and be rest assured you fully have Psychedelic Bay’s support at your disposal. Let me know in any way possible i can help. – Cezane

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