About White Markers

“..i had this white marker artist pen for more than a year now.It was expensive and barely used, as it wouldn’t write on any surface! I remember trying it on: paper,over dried paintings,plastic,wood,mirror,body parts:)…but it never marked any surface properly.On its label it had very little information.Just the brand name,serial number,and that it was waterproof.After experimenting on all possible surfaces, it was left in a box  and well forgotten  by me,until today!

I keep my art supplies in a shoe box.And as I was looking into it for an eraser I found the same old white marker. I hated it so much that I decided to get rid of it, instead of keep it as a semi-painful reminder of a poor shopping!But just before tossing it into the bin, I wrote with it one last time on the shoe box..and yeah, it did worked pretty well on the box!I doodled with it for half an hour!.That day I  realized that everything is useless until they find their right place where they truly belong..”

*wipes tears*my question here for this blog is:why do some incidents touch us so much?   How did I concluded a deep thought from  this seemingly  insipid story- which from any one else’s perspective was nothing more than a very very menial coincidence. I have seen this theory in action many a times. I have seen people react to such “white markers” and find inspiration,motivation and ,in rare cases, even insight to change their entire life course. Why does it happens? Why my white marker inspired me to believe in skill-and-rightful-place connection, while to almost all others it was just my over-reaction (even a feeble attempt to use such a lame topic to write a blog around!)

I do know people who took someone’s “white markers” to heart and did crazy loads of hard work to attain money,education,looks and such.Why such  simple incidents seem to evoke the inventor,the artist, the hard worker in some of us and while the same incident has no apparent effect on others?

Could it be something to do with the series of already existent experiences that we have? We are pattern loving creatures. Could it be a case that we see something and try to add more meaning to it just so that it fits our belief patterns? Could it be something like, we already know what we want, we are just looking for an external validation,through signs?Could it be the innate ability of humans to see a story through mundaneness, or is it a weird attempt by our consciousness to keep itself from the sheer boredom of existence?Guess I will need another white marker to find that…”

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