Metric system for opinion

“..its always challenging to classify how much does their opinion(about you)weighs,how much of it should be transported directly to the mind’s’interpretation factory’.Is it worth the storage?Is it for ‘immediate consumption only’?There should be a standardized Unit system for marking the opinions of others..based on the numerical label that you put, you can roughly classify them as:

  1. The breeze:Spoken without much effort into it.
  2. The conversationalist’s: Given just for the sake of conversation.
  3. The Sour patch:Given to hide one’s own sheer disability.
  4. The Green monster-Big J operated.
  5. Thoughtful but not applicable to the scenario.
  6. Thoughtful raw- should be taken to the factory for processing
  7. The sincere disabled: they mean well have put efforts into the subject before the opinion, but have no hands-on experience over the matter.
  8. needs minor repairs ,can be used
  9. direct quote from the- 90’s movies/memes/parables of Heysoos!/Mordern interpretation of Aesop’s Fables!
  10. Morally sound,but highly impractical.
  11. can be canned for later use.
  12. needs an immediate counter,like,mark- your -land -piss- on- the- ground-stand off!
  13. ground breaking well researched fits you like a glove from the mines of self experience- the Giant Gem!
  14. Fake battles you fight for your ego in line, even though you would like to take away from the said opinion later on- the doggie bag!
  15. My favorite one is the -Deserves a thank you card opinion- its generally from well meaning friends and family! It works most of the time as its been tailored around your body/personality size! ….

you get the idea!

Why is this sorting-labelling is so important? because opinions(in my opinion!) are pretty radioactive- (ranging from banana radiation to uranium levels!)they can contaminate the inner self image.Also having them organized gives us an idea about how do we plan to act on it.

(For now just feel blessed that you are important enough in clique to receive any!)



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