Sometimes Fear..

“…is it to be managed?deflected? or are we expected to ignore it? tame it with training?

The issue was never with the confidence or the lack of it.

One can bet their life on it, that if you give a person a task and if you make sure that he/she gets the end reward in terms of appreciation, encouragement, positive review,and benefits (upon decent exposure with the case)- rest assured,the person will grow up confident in that field!

Should we try in the direction where the response of others real/imaginary doesn’t bothers us?Shouldn’t we be really aspiring for something like that?

Sometimes its about learning so that you can atleast teach your coming generation.

Sometimes its about learning and acing it.

Sometimes it’s for the ‘flow’ experience. * Also calls it the ‘breath mundane ‘ experience. These experiences are so small, you needn’t bother classifying them-much like easy breathing, you take one in and soon exhale it into the atmosphere-no records.

Sometimes you have to stand by yourself and say out loud why you can’t do it, what’s the reason. And once you have justified the reason(s) its important to respect your decision- if you regret it – do it the next time and get it out of the system! Simple(so to say).

These are very new sensations, most of them never seen before- so it’s important to be sympathetic to yourself.And not actually base your feelings on what others are saying- because they have different mechanisms, different likings, exposures and abilities.

Sometimes it’s about a bit of competition and haste- if you don’t avail the opportunities someone else will do it on your expense.

Sometimes it’s just the lack of familiarity with the event and yourself alike..”



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