Embarrassing-the general formula!

” Let me try and  write about  the general formula of the EEs (embarrassing events)! Its fun to write things in their most generic forms!It does two thing: a)takes away its seriousness and b) it becomes person-independent.You can actually fill in the blanks with your own situations and the whole thing ,even with newer variables, still makes sense!

The embarrassing list that we all have,hidden somewhere in the closet,almost always contains the following ingredients:

  • atleast two or more people were involved. Very rarely, it had you and your consciousness(that counts as two as well!).
  • it had a situation and your reaction to it.
  • your ego got hurt,you were ashamed of something said or done by someone/you,most of the time your reaction decides the extent of your ego damage!
  • the ‘limelight’ was on you for that moment!
  • Wardrobe malfunctions..
  • you stood strongly for something only to realize that your initial assumption was wrong.

Hmm..:   could you have a ‘ persistent embarrassment ‘that happens all the time,you know it, people notice it, but you cannot help it?..is it still an embarrassment or does its persistence makes it a disability/disease/or an unpleasant personality fact?!…

  • were made to feel small about ourselves by a person or by our very own consciousness (you,you again?)
  • lack of event knowledge,wrongful assumptions!
  • lying and being caught for it.
  • not being seen,not getting a reaction that you expected!
  • when someone discovers the flip side of our personality.
  • an innocent assumption,awkward questions from children and adults alike,(not!)preferably in front of a gathering.
  • loosing bodily control(mostly due to inebriation)
  • recording technology that severs as a constant reminder of EE past!
  • admitting ‘fear‘-atleast inside our heads!

Our only respite from EEs is in the belief : “no one can insult you without your permission” and that “people have short-termed memories”(tell that to the North!) and similar such internet quotes of inspiration!

As a modified saying goes :” whatever doesn’t kills you,is a part of life(maybe)”!Kind of applies to embarrassment as well!


Safe to conclude:

EEs are our mind’s constructs. Its very common to all of us.If you asked ‘whats the most embarrassing moment of your life?’no one ever said that, it doesn’t applies to them,also no one ever said that ‘its yet to come’!All of us have been into this General formula of EE category.I feel its very much a part of life.I guess, we should stop being harsh on ourselves. We can find a common ground to make light of the situation, and dissipate that mild embarrassment heat!”

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