Big Playground..

“ really helps me to put my mind at ease. And more than that it actually helps me to make all those flimsy ideas in my head a tangible reality. What happens is that the world is like a huge playground, with everyone trying to do their shits and ,trying to get attention and hopefully making a living out of the whole scramble..what i have felt/learned is that we need to have a voice- a voice means something that you believe in- note that, not everyone can conjure a creative voice- so they stay safe with the clearly charted out career paths- they are more concerned with putting food on table than with doing something larger than life! which is another  school of thought and is cool in its own way..for the rest who can have the voice- they should be more confident- almost like zealots believers in their ideas/ voices- because the playground gets very very noisy and its important to know your lines and your directions amidst this chaos otherwise you will get drowned  or worse you will meet the critics in the playground who sound so rational that you will give up on your voice! Technically its not headhardedness rather its a fact that when you stick up with your own experiment thats the only way for you to see the end results. If you give up,change courses then you will never know if your voice was workable in the long run…”

//Def. voice: something that you love love love doing, it makes you mesmerized, someone has honestly told you that you are good at it,and somewhere deep down away form the modesty contamination you have seen yourself rock it too-Amen for sounding like a preacher!//


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